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School is Back in Session

Are you ready….?

Wow, what a win!  Football season has officially begun and school is now in session!  Just as we are working hard to have a successful season on the football field, we need to ensure that our kids are equipped to be successful in the classroom.

According to the Department of Education, over 49 million students are heading off to nearly 99,000 public elementary and secondary schools this Fall and before the school year is out, an estimated $525 billion will be spent related to their education.[1]  In fact, this academic season, a record 19.7 million students are expected to attend American colleges and universities, constituting an increase of about 4.4 million since fall 2000.[2]

Yet in cities and neighborhoods all over the country (and overseas), we know that there are students who will not finish out this school year.   There are many reasons for this, including homelessness, problems in the family or community violence. And while we should applaud the fact that high school dropout rates are lower now than in years past, dropout rates remain highest among students of color.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We all can play a part in changing these statistics for the better—and it begins with us.  As I have found in my time with young people from across the country, youth today need to be instilled with a consistent positive message of caring and hope.  Telling and showing a child you care can make all the difference.  Engage young people in their schoolwork, show them the power of their dreams and demonstrate to them that you are committed to their wellbeing.  It is the best recipe we have for creating positive change in their lives.

So today, I’m asking you to join the Asomugha Foundation and make a pledge to do your part to help our youth succeed.  Wherever you are—at home, in your neighborhood, school, city or state, or through our Foundation —make the choice to play a positive role in a young person’s life.  We owe it to our youth to help them recognize their limitless potential and ability to become successful adults.

Thanks for your support and let’s continue to build today for a better tomorrow!

Go Eagles!

Nnamdi Asomugha

Chairman of the Board
The Asomugha Foundation, Inc.

[1] US Department of Education.  Back to School Stats.
[2] US Department of Education.  Back to School Stats.


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